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Our Leadership Team

Lamis Jabri, MD

Founder & Director

Board Certified Psychiatrist 

Designed the 2e4Me Program, Offers Assessment, Diagnosis, Second Opinion, Parent/Family Counseling, Individual Counseling, and more. Helps individuals and families understand neurodevelopment and twice exceptionality. Assists children, adults and families in delineating and achieving their own goals. Focuses on Dr Ross Greene's Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model, as well as Bridges Academy's dual differentiation and talent development model. Fosters self-acceptance, authentic communication, emotional wellness, trauma recovery, and more.

Steven Flores, MA

Lead Therapist

Our very own Zen Master! Father, coach, therapist and so much more - Steve is the absolute essence of our program. He has 20 years of experience working with children and adults, supporting and scaffolding areas of developmental need. He helps everyone problem-solve effectively, within a collaborative framework which validates the child's feelings and encourages self-advocacy. Steve helps everyone include the children as partners  identifying, describing and solving problems which underlie common challenges. Steve is masterful at implementing strengths-based strategies to teach each child the essential skills they need. He is extremely patient, attentive, thoughtful, empathetic and respectful.


Gayle Bentley

Gifted/2E Academic Director

Ph.D Program at Bridges Academy

Gayle Bentley has been an educator for over 23 years  and is obtaining her doctorate from the Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education this year. She is also the mother of three neurodivergent sons. We are honored to have her serve as the Gifted/2e Academic Director at 2e4ME Academy! As the owner of The Bentley Center, she also launched a state of the art afterschool program The Exceotional Learning Program, and  provides private educational consulting services for parents, families and teachers of gifted and twice exceptional students.  In the past year, she has presented at a number of conferences about teaching gifted and twice-exceptional students, including SENG, the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented, the California Association for the Gifted, and the 2e Conference at William & Mary.

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