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Fri, Nov 03 | Newport Beach

A Night of Learning + Giving


Friday, November 3rd at 6:30pm


2e4me Academy Campus at St. Andrews Presbyterian 

600 St. Andrews Road, Newport Beach, CA 92663


  • Come meet distinguished experts and pioneers in education and child development

  • Heavy appetizers, mocktails, live music and transformative conversations

  • 2e4Me is a transformative haven serving families right here in OC

  • Joyful, paradigm-shifting education for confident, innovative, problem solvers

  • Help us build a better tomorrow!

Guest Speakers

  • Dr. Susan Baum, Ph.D., educator, author, consultant, and Director of the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development at Bridges Academy

  • Debra Ann Afarian, President, Founder and CEO of Helping the Behaviorally Challenging Child (HBCC) 


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More About the Event

Please join us for an evening of connection, community and learning.

Listen to experts in education and child development explain the deep necessity of learning centers like 2e4Me Academy!

Twice Exceptional (2e) children, who have both giftedness and developmental or learning differences, are among the most underserved and misplaced in our traditonal education system.  Every child deserves a great mentor, a good friend, and a pathway to success.  While traditional schools can meet the needs of the majority of children, an increasing number of young brilliant minds are often left behind, feeling misunderstood and rejected - little Mozarts, Einsteins and Armstrongs roaming around playgrounds alone or going home feeling defeated. 


At 2e4Me, we created an evidence-based, academically rigorous, and adaptable learning program, merged within a therapeutic and welcoming environment.  A customizable and stimulating curriculum, based on their strengths and interests, is delivered by a team of experts in both academic and therapeutic disciplines.  Our kids call it their school, their community, their home.  2e4Me Academy is the place where these beautiful children belong.

As with most independent schools, tuition at 2e4Me does not cover the full cost of education of our students.  We need the support of our community to provide funds to keep education available and affordable for families, while maintaining the highest qualified faculty, a rich curriculum and our campus.

Our mission is to grow and serve as many families as possible, and our dream is to make 2e4Me available in every neighborhood.

Please help us make our academy accessible to every child!

If you are unable to attend the event but believe in our mission, please support us in other ways:

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