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About Us

2e4Me Academy is a nonprofit learning center providing the opportunity for full schooling or individualized classes, all of which integrate customized education and social-emotional growth for Gifted, Talented and Twice Exceptional (2E) children, and support for their families, in Orange County, California.

We have a strong focus on paring every child with the right mentor and the right peers, to foster a positive school experience.  We believe in Acceleration for Strengths, Deep Dives for Interests, and seamlessly integrated support for social-emotional growth.  We follow Dr. Ross Greene's motto "Kids do well when they can!" Our philosophy centers on encouraging honest self-expression, and enhancing both advanced and lagging skillsets within the context of inherently motivating activities.

​Our team includes dedicated educators, therapists, instructors, and a board-certified psychiatrist, all specialized in working with 2e/gifted children.  All instructions are held in fun, inclusive and naturalistic settings, either 1:1 or in small groups of peers with overlapping interests and complementary skillsets.

We also provide family coaching for non-traditional educational pathways, social-emotional learning, physical wellness and mental health. 

Together we transcend the artificial boundaries between "school" and "life".

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