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Mission & Vision

Accelerate When Possible, Support When Necessary, Enrich Always

It is often very difficult for 2e learners to find any setting where both areas of remarkable talent and areas of significant challenge are simultaneously understood and nurtured, and where social-emotional growth is prioritized without compromising intellectual or academic pursuits.

Our Mission is to create just that – a haven for learning and growth, where social-emotional support, skill-building, and talent development are delivered simultaneously, in one place, in a comprehensive and well-coordinated program tailored to the learner's specific needs.  We focus on nurturing mutually respectful relationships, healthy self-esteem and effective communication skills in the context of enjoyable activities.

Our vision is to help create paradigm shifts in the worlds of Education and Therapeutic disciplines, where "2e" becomes commonplace and widely understood, where measurement instruments no longer supersede in-depth perspectives, where education and therapy don't need to be separated.

We envision learning to become universally personalized, where school and life are no longer separate.

We see classrooms as innovative think-tanks, where interests are at once respected and expanded, where autonomy is praised and connected to a healthy appreciation of the freedom of others, and where individuality is embraced and simultaneously paired with a sense of service to society.​

We believe in allowing all learners to lead, nurturing curiosity, building friendships around common interests, respecting differences, and celebrating neurodiversity.

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