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Welcome to 2e4Me Academy!  We are excited for you to learn more about what our Academy has to offer.

The 2e4Me philosophy of teaching would serve any child well, but we believe it is uniquely well suited for Twice Exceptional (2e) and gifted children.  We are the only local learning center serving young 2e children, starting at age 4 and through age 15.

Our mission is to create a haven for learning and growth, where social-emotional support, skill-building, and talent development are delivered simultaneously, in one place, in a comprehensive and well-coordinated program tailored to the learner's specific needs. 

We are excited to show you more about us, and look forward to partnering with you as you search for the right school community for your family.


Complete Intake Form

To see if our Academy is right for your child, please first complete this online in-take form.

Introductory Call

For students we believe would be well suited for 2e4Me, a 30 minute introductionary call is scheduled to learn more about your child and to tell you more about 2e4Me.

Trial Visit

Potential students are invited to visit us for a trial day before joining our program.  (We may be able to accommodate additional trial visits at the family's request at $250/visit for up to 2.5 hour visit.)

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