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Services Available to the Public and to 2e4Me families

Psychiatric Consultation and Evaluation

  • 2e4Me Guidance Consultation

    • For Parents or professionals only, to seek guidance regarding potential to join 2e4Me Academy

    • 45-60 min Zoom, Pricing $100

    • With:

      • Gayle Bentley, Academic Director OR

      •  Dr. Lamis Jabri, Founder, Director and Board-Certified Psychiatrist 


  • Assessment, Diagnosis, Recommendations and Management by Dr. Lamis Jabri, Board-Certified Psychiatrist

    • Zoom or In-Person, Individual, Couple or Family​

    • For mental health diagnosis, second opinions, and treatment (psychotherapy or medical management) if applicable.

Pricing varies

  • $400 hourly for initial assessment and diagnosis 

  • $250 for medical management and psychotherapy follow-up sessions

  • SuperBill possible for Out of Network 

Parent/Family Coaching

  • Regular Coaching session for parents/family, clinicians or teachers involved in the child’s care

  • Purpose: to develop goals, delineate priorities, explore potential strategies, review and track progress over time


  • Non-Members of 2e4Me Academy:

    • $200/hour for Zoom sessions

    • $250/hour for in-person sessions

  • 2e4Me Academy Members:

    • Two sessions per month FREE for students who attend the daytime program 3-5 days a week​

    • Regular pricing for students who attend less than 3 days a week

*Pricing may differ for services provided to enrolled 2e4Me students and families.

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