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2e4Me Academy

2E, Gifted, Talented & SuperPeers


Nurture Curiosity, Build Friendship & Celebrate Neurodiversity





- FREE UNTIL MAY 30th 2023!!! 

with Dr. JABRI, Founder, Director, and Board Certified Psychiatrist

About Us

2e4Me Academy is a start-up nonprofit learning center which aims to meet the educational and social-emotional needs of Gifted, Talented and Twice Exceptional (2E) children and their families in Orange County, California.


We have a strong focus on Acceleration for Strengths, Deep Dives for Interests, and seamlessly integrated therapeutic support for Social-Emotional Growth, following Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative Problem Solving principles, and his guiding motto "Kids do well when they can!"

2e4Me Academy is neither a school nor a clinic - yet could replace both with the guidance of our team of dedicated educators, therapists, instructors, and our board-certified psychiatrist. 


For Homeschoolers looking for more structure, support and enrichment, and for traditional students ready to try a more personalized path, we merge the best of both worlds, in ONE place, where our multidisciplinary professionals work SIMULTANEOUSLY to best serve our children and their families


We believe in teaching children what they WANT to learn, and what they NEED to develop, among kind & compassionate SuperPeers with overlapping interests and complementary skillsets.

We provide top notch personalized instruction in reading, writing, math, music, and fun enrichment activities, with both 1:1 and small group optionsin a fun, inclusive and naturalistic setting

We also provide family coaching for social-emotional learning, physical wellness and mental health.  


At this time, we are especially well equipped to serve kids ages 5-15 who love learning, crave autonomy, and need support for communication and social-emotional growth.  


Explore Our Programs Tab for more detailed information!

Our philosophy centers on assuming competence, encouraging honest self-expression, and fostering social-emotional development within the context of inherently motivating activities. 


Together we transcend the artificial boundaries between "teaching" and "therapy", "school" and "clinic", "classroom" and "life".

Our Approach

At 2e4me Academy we are building a world where twice-exceptional children grow to love, trust, and value themselves and others. A world in which they are free to follow their interests, nurture their strengths, and unleash their creative potential. 


Each family that places their trust in 2e4me Academy will receive an assessment of their child’s interests, strengths, challenges, and growth areas, accompanied by access to ongoing family coaching designed to help them embrace a strengths-based paradigm beyond the classroom. Every child that attends 2e4me Academy is supported by an individualized, strengths-based program built for them by a caring and experienced multi-disciplinary team.


Throughout our program we rely on dual-differentiated strategies that equally prioritize social emotional growth and talent development. We believe that through engaging, strengths-based activities; academic and social skills take root and flourish.

Mission & Vision

Accelerate When Possible, Support When Necessary, Enrich Always

It is often very difficult for 2e learners to find any setting where BOTH areas of remarkable talent AND areas of significant challenge are simultaneously understood and nurtured, and where social-emotional growth is prioritized without compromising intellectual or academic pursuits.

Our Mission is to create just that - a haven for learning and growth, where social-emotional support, skill-building, and talent development are delivered simultaneously, in one place, in a comprehensive and well-coordinated program tailored to the learner's specific needs. We focus on nurturing mutually respectful relationships, healthy self-esteem and effective communication skills in the context of enjoyable activities. 


Our vision is to help create paradigm shifts in the worlds of Education and Therapeutic disciplines, where "2E" becomes commonplace and widely understood, where measurement instruments no longer supersede in-depth perspectives, where education and therapy don't need to be separated. 

We envision learning to become universally  personalized, where school and life are no longer separate.

We see classrooms as innovative think-tanks, where interests are at once respected and expanded, where autonomy is praised and connected to a healthy appreciation of the freedom of others, and where individuality is embraced and simultaneously paired with a sense of service to society.​

We believe in allowing ALL learners to lead, nurturing curiosity, building friendships around common interests, respecting differences, and celebrating neurodiversity.


2e4Me SuperPeers

SuperPeers is a program specifically designed for caring, compassionate children who are naturally inclined to help others. SuperPeers are taught to hone their communication and leadership skills. They are trained by our founder, Dr. Lamis Jabri, a Board Certified Psychiatrist and mother.  During SuperPeers meetings, we have lots of fun, and we learn how to communicate, collaborate, and play with neurodivergent peers inclusively and respectfully. We learn how to identify each other's strengths and challenges nonjudgmentally. We learn how to invest in each other's strengths and how to support each other through challenging times. Based on demonstrated leadership and team-building skills, certain SuperPeers will be INVITED FOR FREE OR OFFERED DEEP DISCOUNTS to join CLUBS, CLASSES OR CAMPS including Art, STEM, Music and Outdoor play groups, where they would get to implement their LEADERSHIP SKILLS!

Our Team


Lamis Jabri, MD


Board Certified Psychiatrist 

Designed the 2e4Me Program, Offers Assessment, Diagnosis, Second Opinion, Parent/Family Counseling, Individual Counseling, and more. Helps individuals and families understand neurodevelopment and twice exceptionality. Assists children, adults and families in delineating and achieving their own goals. Focuses on Dr Ross Greene's Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model, as well as Bridges Academy's dual differentiation and talent development model. Fosters self-acceptance, authentic communication, emotional wellness, trauma recovery, and more.


Steven Flores, MA

Lead Therapist

MA Educational Psychology

 Helping Children & Families 

Our  very own Zen Master! Father, coach, therapist and so much more - Steve is the absolute essence of our program. He has 20 years of experience working with children and adults, supporting and scaffolding areas of developmental need. He helps everyone problem-solve effectively, within a collaborative framework which validates the child's feelings and encourages self-advocacy. Steve helps everyone include the children as partners  identifying, describing and solving problems which underlie common challenges. Steve is masterful at implementing strengths-based strategies to teach each child the essential skills they need. He is extremely patient, attentive, thoughtful, empathetic and respectful.

Contact Us

2503 Eastbluff Drive, Suite 206A

Newport Beach, Orange County, California, 92660


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