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Twice Exceptional, Gifted, Talented

Mentoring All Curious Minds

Embracing Giftedness and Neurodiversity

For the Love of Learning, The Joy of Friendship, and the Warmth of Community


Individualized Academics

Social Recreational Groups

1:1 and Small Group Instruction

Meaningful Social Emotional Learning

What if your school IS your sanctuary?

Imagine! A school which feels like a welcoming haven where your imagination and curiosity are nurtured, where you learn everything you WANT to know and everything you NEED to thrive?

At 2e4Me Academy, every child enjoys a customizable and stimulating curriculum, based on their strengths and interests, delivered by a multidisciplinary team of experts in both academic differentiation and therapeutic support.  We Accelerate when possible, Support when needed, and Enrich always.

The children call 2e4Me Academy their school, and they truly feel at home.

One even prefers it over Disneyland! Join us!

Matched Mentors
Matched Peers

Upcoming Events

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